Sunday, May 18, 2014


I didn't do much NBA this season, but I definitely hit my Rockets hard. Here's how I did

Dwight Howard: 2/2, 1/1 11x14, 1/1 basketball, pic with
Dwight Howard was super cool signing after practice and after the game. He was really funny interacting with fans wanting selfies after the game.

Chandler Parsons: 5/5 11x14s, 2/2 cards (grapher gave me extra cards after I ran out of stuff for Chandler)
I hit Chandler hard after shootaround since he's my favorite player. He got a good laugh out of signing his shirtless picture! :)

Jeremy Lin: 1/1 11x14
Worst autograph ever
Donatas Montejunas: 1/1
Team Sheet
Anthony Parker: 1/1
Anthony Parker happened to be at the game scouting, so I was able to get him on a card that another grapher gave me. It was fun talking to him for a bit about how much I liked his sister Candace Parker.

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