Thursday, June 12, 2014


I've been able to graph a few Minnesota Lynx games and here's how I've done.

Australian National Team

Liz Cambage: 2/2 11x14s
The Shock center is taking the season off, but traveled with the Australian team.

Connecticut Sun:
Chiney Ogwumike: 2/2 11x14s
Very cool chatting with the #1 pick about our shared Houston roots. I lived in the same area as she went to high school when I was a baby.

Coach Anne Donovan: 1/1 8x10
Kayla Pedersen: 2/2 8x10s

Minnesota Lynx:

Monica Wright: 1/1 jersey
The Lynx have a new jersey sponsor this season so I was able to snag a 2013 jersey on clearance for $30 at the Lynx preseason game.

Lindsay Whalen: 2/2, 1/1 jersey, 1/1 11x14

Janel McCarville: 3/3, 1/1 11x14, 2/2 8x10s

Cheryl Reeve: 1/1

Lindsey Moore: 3/3

Devereaux Peters: 1/1

Monday, May 19, 2014


And now for a long post. MLB is my favorite to graph since baseball is my favorite sport, so I've been hitting the MLB teams hard here so far this season.

Oakland A's:
Yoenis Cespedes: 3/3, 1/1 11x14, 2/2 8x10s for a friend
Awesome signer!

Sonny Gray: 1/1 11x14
So pumped I was able to get him on this awesome 11x14

Tommy Milone: 1/1 11x14
Eric Sogard: 2/2 8x10s

Drew Pomeranz: 1/1 8x10
Derek Norris: 1/1
Luke Gregerson: 8/8

Ryan Cook: 1/1

Kansas City Royals
The Royals were a surprisingly tough team this year. The crappy weather didn't do us any favors either.
Alex Gordon: 1/1 11x14
Billy Butler: 1/1 11x14
Jeremy Guthrie: 1/1 8x10
I love this inscription!
Johnny Giavotella: 5/5

Brett Hayes: 4/4

Justin Maxwell: 2/2

Greg Holland: 1/1
Bruce Chen: 2/2

Detroit Tigers
Another series where the weather killed us...
Brad Ausmus: 2/2 11x14s
Happy to get 1 of my favorite Astros

Max Scherzer: 1/1 11x14
Joe Nathan: 1/1 11x14
Drew Smyly: 1/1 8x10
Baltimore Orioles
The Orioles were the best signing team I've done so far this season!!!
ROMLB: Adam Jones, Manny Machado, Jonathan Schoop, Nelson Cruz, Tommy Hunter, Brad Brach, and Ubaldo Jimenez
I initially only got Adam Jones on this since I didn't have anything for him, but decided to get more players when I saw them signing. This ball is for sale.

Nick Markakis: 2/2 11x14s, pic with
I'm so excited I was able to get Markakis since I've always loved watching him play.

Matt Wieters: 1/1 11x14
I love this picture of his walk-off grand slam last year
Troy Patton: 8/8 8x10s, pic with
I seriously love this guy! He's so nice and damn handsome! He signed every time I asked him and even apologized once when he was running late and couldn't sign. I've loved following him ever since his Astros days. Living in Iowa, I was only able to watch the Astros when they played the Cubs. I still remember watching his MLB debut at Wrigley. His name has popped up in trade rumors connected to the Astros and I would love to see that happen. Our bullpen needs all the help it can get! The printing company goofed up and printed multiple copies of 1 of my images, while not printing 3 others I wanted. Oh well...

 Manny Machado: 1/1 8x10
Ryan Webb: 1/1 8x10
Brian Matusz: 3/3, 2/2 8x10s, 1/1 card

Bud Norris: 5/5 8x10s, pic with
Awesome talking with the former Astro. He continues to be one of the nicest guys in the league!

David Lough: 4/4 8x10s

Adam Jones and David Lough

Chris Davis: 1/1 8x10
Traveled with the team even though he was on the DL

JJ Hardy: 1/1 8x10

Ryan Flaherty: 2/2 8x10s

Chris Tillman: 1/1 card

Steve Pearce: 1/1 card

Steve Clevenger: 1/1 card

Wei Yin Chen: 1/1 card
Seattle Mariners
Seattle was another great signing team, but I completely forgot to print for them! I went to Friday's game a little empty handed and quickly realized I should print photos at Target. I had a lot of photos left over from last year, but printed around 20 at Target. Oof that was pricey!

Robinson Cano: 1/1 Yankees hat
Tom Wilhelmsen: 2/2 cards
He's 1 per and I had about 20 cards to get done by him. He'll be getting some mail from me :)

Brad Miller: 3/3, 2/2 8x10s, 1/1 ticket, pic with
Seriously the nicest player I've met. He stopped to sign every time someone asked him!

Brandon Maurer: 2/2 8x10s

Logan Morrison: 7/7, 6/6 8x10s, 1/1 Mother's Day ROMLB
I didn't have anything printed for him since I thought he wouldn't travel while on the DL. He is one of my favorite players and I'm so happy I got to meet him. Such a nice guy!

Taijuan Walker: 4/4, 3/3 8x10s, 1/1 ROMLB
Super nice guy!

Dustin Ackley: 2/2 11x14s

Michael Saunders: 1/1 11x14
James Paxton: 3/3 8x10s, pic with

Kyle Seager: 2/2 8x10s

Felix Hernandez: 1/1 8x10

And lastly...
Minnesota Twins
I've been graphing the Twins more this year and it has paid off. Joe Mauer continues to elude me, but eventually I'll get him this season!

First, I purchased the last game-used, authenticated ROMLB from the authentics shop that was used in the Astros series last year. I can't wait to get this signed.

Brian Dozier: 3/3, 2/2 11x14s, 1/1 jersey
He continues to sign like crazy! I got a custom made jersey to get signed by him. I got it signed the same day I bought it!

Trevor Plouffe: 3/3, 1/1 Mother's Day ROMLB, 1/1 jersey, 1/1 11x14

Casey Fien: 6/6 8x10s, gave 1 to a friend
He signed all of these in 1 sitting! He literally stops every time you ask him to sign. Such a great guy!