Sunday, August 11, 2013

Astros Weekend

Well the Astros' came to town last weekend and it was the highlight of my year!! I had that date circled on my calendar since the Twins schedule came out! I met, and got autographs from, every single player and coach! It was amazing

Team Sheet: Wesley Wright, Jose Cisnero, Jimmy Paredes, Doug Brocail, Brett Oberholtzer, Josh Fields, Dennis Martinez, Chia Jen Lo, Jake Elmore, Travis Blackley, Marc Krauss, John Mallee, LJ Hoes
Got pictures with Jake Elmore, LJ Hoes, and Doug Brocail

Bo Porter: 3/3
2 8x10s, 1 custom card, I really like what he's brought to this Astros team. It's been a rough year but I hope we keep him

Erik Bedard: 4/4
I got 1 8x10 and 3 cards all signed Friday morning along with getting a picture with him. Incredibly nice guy

Travis Blackley: 2/2
2 8x10s plus pic with. Another super nice guy. Chatted with him for a bit. Sad to see he was DFA'd today

Jose Cisnero: 1/1
Jarred Cosart: 7/7 cards, 6/6 8x10s
I cannot say enough nice things about this guy! 1 of the top 5 nicest athletes I've met. We talked about his first start, Texans football, and his trip to Mall of America whenever he signed. He was 4 per. Awesome awesome guy

Josh Fields: 1/1
Personalized but removed after he left
Lucas Harrell: 4/4 8x10s, 3/3 cards
He's not a hotel guy but super nice at the stadium

Dallas Keuchel: 14/14, 1/1 MLB debut ticket, 9/9 cards. 4/4 8x10s
Super nice! Signed both days at hotel and inside stadium

Jordan Lyles: 5/5, 3/3 8x10s, 2/2 cards
He was a little tougher but I still got him 2 days at the hotel

Brett Oberholtzer: 4/4, 2/2 8x10s, 2/2 cards
Super nice guy! Also got a picture with him

Josh Zeid: 13/13
He was called up early in the week when they were supposed to come here. So I frantically ordered a big lot of cards for him. He teased me as I kept asking him but he was really nice!!

Jason Castro: 9/9, 3/3 8x10s, 6/6 cards
Really nice guy! Signed twice at hotel and signed inside at both of the games I went to. Unfortunately I forgot to ask for a picture. He's a 2 per guy. He holds the distinction of being the Astros' 1st AL All Star

Jose Altuve: 2/2, 1/1 8x10, 1/1 11x14
Not impressed with him. I'm not a huge fan of him and this trip made me even less of one. He's a 1 per guy and didn't sign inside either game. Not signing after telling everyone you would is less than impressive. And being a 1 per guy in just your 2nd full pro season with the Houston Astros no less is not impressive either

Matt Dominguez: 3/3, 1/1 card, 2/2 8x10s
Not going to pretend to say he's a nice guy. He's not and I'll leave it at that since this is a public forum

Jonathan Villar: 12/12 cards
He signed 8 for me the first day at the hotel since I was the only one left waiting. Really nice guy
Brett Wallace: 2/2 8x10s
He only signed at the hotel the first day but I was happy to get my 2 photos signed since these are 2 of my favorite images I had of him

Chris Carter: 6/6, 2/2 8x10s, 4/4 cards

Robbie Grossman: 9/9, 6/6 cards, 3/3 8x10s
Super nice guy. Happy to see him playing better in his 2nd trip up with the Astros

Marc Krauss: 1/1 card

Brandon Barnes: 30/30, 2/2 11x14s, 9/9 8x10s, 1/1 Souvenir Helmet, 18/18 cards
Barnes is my favorite player and I am an even bigger fan after this past weekend. He signed every time I asked him and he was really nice to chat with! I also had some help from friends getting all of my cards signed since they didn't have much for him since he only has 2 cards out

Lastly, I was walking to Target Field on Saturday for the game and Geoff Blum was in the plaza doing some pregame stuff. He is now a play by play guy for Houston. I got him on a card and got a picture with him. He was so nice! He was one of my favorites
Geoff Blum: 1/1 card