Saturday, August 10, 2013

July-August Recap

Well I just got back from vacation today and finally had the patience to sit down and upload all the pictures of my recent autographs. Apparently my Photobucket account got deleted so I'm giving Blogspot another shot.

So first I will recap my few recent TTMs

Brandon Barnes: 5/5
Out: 7/12  In: 7/25
Super fast and awesome return from my favorite Astro. Happy to see he is back to being great at responding to fan mail this year!

Justin Gominsky: 3/3
Out: 7/26  In: 8/10
I promised him copies of customs way back in February at the Gopher Alumni game here in Minneapolis. We'd messaged back and forth on Facebook and he sent me a message asking about them towards the beginning of August. I sent the cards out to the major league spring training address so he gave me the minor league address and I finally got him the cards plus he signed some more for me. He is such a great guy. I'm hoping to see him back on the field soon after a season spent rehabbing an injury in Florida. Thanks Brian for working with me on these cards!

Then, my mom brought my mail to vacation and I had these 2 returns
Austin Rivers: 2/2
Out: February 2012  In: Summer 2013
Never expected to see these back since I sent them out in the last couple months of his time at Duke. Didn't turn out the best but I can't complain

And finally one I completely forgot about. I honestly can't remember when this was sent out. It was around the time Kesler's ESPN Body Issue image came out.

Ryan Kesler: 1/2
I also sent his Body Issue image since I like collecting those but he kept it. But I am not at all disappointed with the photo he did decide to sign :)
And now for IP...
First WNBA:
I went to the Lynx-Mercury day game on July 24th and it was a disappointment. No Taurasi, Griner, or Taylor for Phoenix :(
Alexis Hornbuckle: 2/2

Dewanna Bonner: 3/3

Candice Dupree: 2/2

Maya Moore: 1/1 11x14
Team Poster: Got just about everyone on this poster I got waiting for the doors to open
Added Lynette Kizer to WNBA floorboard
And now MLB IP...
Brian Dozier: 2/2 11x14s, 1/1 Bowman RC

Wasn't able to print anything but had things left over from their first series here

Greg Holland: 1/1
He signed in an awful spot but it looks ok
Lorenzo Cain: 2/2
Bruce Chen: 2/2

Billy Butler: 2/2

Ervin Santana: 1/1
James Shields: 1/1
Elliot Johnson: 2/2
Alcides Escobar: 1/1
Jeremy Guthrie: 1/1
Personalized but I removed it right after he left
David Lough: 2/2

Chris Getz: 2/2

And my Astros weekend was so amazing I'll save it for a separate post on its own :)

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