Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekly Recap 1/26-2/1

Slow week of graphing but got a few TTM returns

Brian Bogusevic: 5/5 c/o home
Out: 1/6  In: 1/27
Fast Return from the former Astro. Very happy to get him back
Dirk Nowitzki: 1/1 8x10, 1/1 card
8x10 Out: 1/4  In: 1/31
Card Out: 1/6  In: 1/31

I also had a friend get a few things signed for me at Twinsfest. I really appreciated him taking the time to get me Scott Diamond since he was very hard for me to get outside the stadium this year. I saw him sign multiple times inside, but I was always doing the visiting team and never had my photos for him. I got him on a 16x20. He also got me a few prospects. I decided to skip Twinsfest this year because tickets went up to $20/day, it was moved to Target Field so wouldn't be as fruitful as the Metrodome, and there were no free lines.

Scott Diamond: 1/3
BJ Hermsen: 4/8
Jose Berrios: 1/1

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